29 new player contracts announced Nov. 6-10 brings total roster count to 76

TORONTO, ON (November 11, 2023) – Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) teams have been actively signing players to contracts ahead of Training Camps and the inaugural season. 29 signings were announced by teams during the period of November 6-10, bringing the league’s total contract count to 76. This figure is more than half of the 150 players who will be on final team rosters, and consists of 54 PWHL Draft picks, four undrafted free agents, and 18 players who were signed during the league’s initial free agency period.


Taylor Heise was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and has since signed a three-year deal with Minnesota. To date, Minnesota has signed seven players to contracts.

Ottawa was the first to announce the signing of an undrafted free agent, Becca Gilmore, to a one-year contract. She was one of five players officially added to the team along with first round pick Savannah Harmon to a three-year deal, plus one-year contracts for draft picks Sandra Abstreiter, Kateřina Mrázová, and Aneta Tejralová. Boston signed seven players including free agents Kaleigh Fratkin and Nicole Kosta to one-year contracts, draft picks Jessica DiGirolamo, Loren Gabel, and Taylor Girard to two-year deals, and one-year agreements for Emily Brown and Shiann Darkangelo. Toronto added free agent Erica Howe on a one-year contract and inked six other draft picks including second overall selection Jocelyne Larocque and third rounder Kristen Campbell to three-year deals, Jesse Compher and Kali Flanagan to two-year contracts, plus Brittany Howardand Allie Munroe to one-year agreements. New York signed seven draft picks including third rounder Jessie Eldridge to a two-year deal, and one-year contracts for Alexandra Labelle, Paetyn Levis, Abbey Levy, Kayla Vespa, Emma Woods, and Olivia Zafuto. Montreal locked up Kennedy Marchment with a two-year deal and Jillian Dempsey on a one-year contract, while Minnesota confirmed a two-year commitment with Susanna Tapani.

Boston now has 19 players under contract, followed by Ottawa with 17, New York with 14, Toronto with 13, Minnesota with seven, and Montreal with six players.

Player signings will continue to be announced via team social media platforms.

Media and fans can stay updated on all official signings posted to live tracking team pages that feature player quotes and comments from team personnel available in the news section at and the following direct links:




Nov. 10: Kali Flanagan (TOR) D (2-Year)
Nov. 10: Olivia Zafuto (NY) D (1-Year)
Nov. 10: Erica Howe (TOR) G (1-Year)*
Nov. 10: Nicole Kosta (BOS) F (1-Year)*
Nov. 9: Brittany Howard (TOR) F (1-Year)
Nov. 9: Sandra Abstreiter (OTT) G (1-Year)
Nov. 9: Jillian Dempsey (MTL) F (1-Year)
Nov. 9: Loren Gabel (BOS) F (2-Year)
Nov. 9: Allie Munroe (TOR) D (1-Year)
Nov. 9: Alexandra Labelle (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 9: Shiann Darkangelo (BOS) F (1-Year)
Nov. 8: Savannah Harmon (OTT) D (3-Year)
Nov. 8: Abbey Levy (NY) G (1-Year)
Nov. 8: Joceyln Larocque (TOR) D (3-Year)
Nov. 8: Susanna Tapani (MIN) F (2-Year)
Nov. 8: Kristen Campbell (TOR) G (3-Year)
Nov. 8: Jessica DiGirolamo (BOS) D (2-Year)
Nov. 8: Paetyn Levis (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 8: Taylor Girard (BOS) F (2-Year)
Nov. 7: Emma Woods (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 7: Kateřina Mrázová (OTT) F (1-Year)
Nov. 7: Jesse Compher (TOR) F (2-Year)
Nov. 7: Kennedy Marchment (MTL) F (2-Year)
Nov. 7: Jessie Eldridge (NY) F (2-Year)
Nov. 7: Aneta Tejralová (OTT) D (1-Year)
Nov. 7: Kaleigh Fratkin (BOS) D (1-Year)*
Nov. 6: Becca Gilmore (OTT) F (1-Year)*
Nov. 6: Kayla Vespa (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 6: Emily Brown (BOS) D (1-Year)
Nov. 3: Amanda Boulier (OTT) D (1-Year)
Nov. 3: Jess Healey (BOS) D (1-Year)
Nov. 3: Élizabeth Giguère (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 3: Emma Maltais (TOR) F (3-Year)
Nov. 3: Hannah Brandt (BOS) F (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Kristin Della Rovere (OTT) F (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Rebecca Leslie (TOR) F (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Emma Buckles (BOS) D (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Brooke Hobson (NY) D (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Daryl Watts (OTT) F (1-Year)
Nov. 2: Sophie Shirley (BOS) F (1-Year)
Nov. 1: Jade Downie-Landry (NY) F (1-Year)
Nov. 1: Ashton Bell (OTT) D (3-Year)
Nov. 1: Theresa Schafzahl (BOS) F (2-Year)
Nov. 1: Grace Zumwinkle (MIN) F (3-Year)
Nov. 1: Hayley Scamurra (OTT) F (2-Year)
Oct. 31: Zoe Boyd (OTT) D (1-Year)
Oct. 31: Jamie Lee Rattray (BOS) F (3-Year)
Oct. 31: Emma Söderberg (BOS) G (2-Year)
Oct. 31: Nicole Hensley (MIN) G (3-Year)
Oct. 31: Maggie Connors (TOR) F (2-Year)
Oct. 31: Ella Shelton (NY) D (3-Year)
Oct. 30: Gabbie Hughes (OTT) F (3-Year)
Oct. 30: Alina Müller (BOS) F (3-Year)
Oct. 30: Kristin O’Neill (MTL) F (3-Year)
Oct. 27: Jincy Roese (OTT) D (2-Year)
Oct. 27: Sophie Jaques (BOS) D (3-Year)
Oct. 26: Lexie Adzija (OTT) F (1-Year)
Oct. 26: Taylor Heise (MIN) F (3-Year)

*Free Agent signing

The list does not include the 18 players (three per team) signed between Sept. 1-10 during the league’s initial free agency period.

Final team rosters must include 23 players signed to Standard Player Agreements, plus two Reserve Player Contracts. Salary terms will not be disclosed, as per the PWHL Players’ Association.

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