Let’s Play Hockey has bene the home for youth hockey tournaments for decades. With our multi-media platform, your tournaments will be advertised both in print and digitally and promoted through social media. Our website alone draws up to 70,000 unique visitors monthly. Our print publication is distributed to more than 100 hockey arenas throughout the state. And you can advertise for as little as $100 per tournament.

Don’t wait around and hope your tournament fills up.

Let us help you fill it fast!

Here are the rates:

Tournament Listing online and in print:

$100 (one time cost)

Tournament Digital Advertising:

$200 per month for a 300×250 box ad to appear here:

Tournament Print Advertising:

We print monthly in May, June, July, August, September (this is when most associations advertise)


1/8 Page (5″x4″): $200 (Add $50 for color)

1/4 Page (5″x8″): $325 (Add $75 for color)

1/2 Page (10″x8″): $600 (Add $100 for color)

Full Page (10.125″x16.125″): $800 (FREE COLOR  – BEST DEAL!)

Let’s Play Hockey will sign your ad for you for an additional one time cost of $35.

Here are some samples of LPH Tournament Print Ads:

Here is an example of our print product with tournament advertising:

If you spend $600 in display advertising (online or in print)

you get up to 10 tournament listings for FREE.

For example, if you run two quarter page ads in print, or three months worth of online ads or anything adding up to at least $600 in display advertising, you get your tourney listings in the online and print calendar for FREE.

To Advertise your youth hockey tournaments please email:

Also be sure to check out for all of your tournament needs. We use Tag-Up for our Ms. Hockey Banquet and other awards and the quality, service and prices are unmatched!

Visit or email and he will take care of you!