Zoe Lopez and Orono will be a top team to contend with as the season progresses. PHOTO BY BREAKDOWN SPORTS MEDIA

Class A Girls

Section-By-Section Breakdown

Section 1A

Albert Lea Tigers

Coach: Mike Carlson

State Tournaments: 2022, 2023

2022-23: 18-9-1

Top Returners: Mika Chichosz Jr./D (31-12-43), Morgan Goskeson Fr/F/D (21-14-35), Hanna Austinson So./F (17-17-34), Haley Austinson 8th/F (14-17-31), Shelby Evans Jr./F (16-7-23), Jayda Moyer Jr./G, (11-7-1 / 2.42/.909).

Season Outlook: There is much to look forward to this season with the Tigers. This young Albert Lea team brings back all their 2022-23 scoring leaders with Mika Chichoz returning for her Junior year. They also bring back their strong netminders, led by Jayda Moyer who is back for just her Junior season. 

Dodge County Wildcats

Coach: Jeremy Gunderson

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 16-9-2

Top Returners: Maysie Koch Fr./F, (24-32-56), Nora Christensen Jr./F (28-19-47), Abby Simons Sr./D (10-27-37), Mollie Koch Jr./F (6-20-26), Zoe Heimer So./F (6-11-17), Ida Huber Jr./G ( 16-9-2,  1.75, .920).

Season Outlook The Wildcats are coming off a great season advancing to the section championship game and even better, they are bringing back their top scorer Maysie Koch. Dodge County Will also bring back a top goalie, not only on the team, but a top netminder in the entire state with Ida Huber. 

Red Wing Wingers 

Coach: Katelyn Hadler 

State Tournaments: 09, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18

2022-23: 7-19-0

Top Returners: Tatum Zylka Sr./F (17-10-27), Taya Cordes Sr./F (9-8-17), Cheyenne Tyler Sr./F (8-8-16), Allison Kruger Sr./D (5-7-12), Grace Handwerk Sr./F (4-6-1), Allie Meyer Sr./G (4-19-0, 7.18, .794). 

Season Outlook: The Wingers enter the season with a plethora of seniors, bringing a lot of experience with the team and players who can find the back of the net. The leading scorer Tatum Zylka comes back after being the teams top scorer. 

Simley Spartans

Coach: Tom Patnode

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 21-5-1

Top Returners:Ella Sanders So./F (22-19-41), Kelsi Ries Sr./F (14-11-25), Taylor Ralston Sr./F (11-12-23), Val DuVal Sr./F (8-13-21), Courtney Kurowski Jr./D (4-7-11), Sydney Ries Jr./G (18-5-1, 1.88, .916).

Season Outlook: The Spartans were one win away from their first state tournament appearance before losing in the Section 4A Championship. They did lose their two top scorers but brought back their top goalie, whose GAA was amongst the state’s best. Simley also brought back a 41-point scorer in Ella Sanders who is still just a Sophomore.

Waseca Blue Jays

Coach: Chas Benson

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 12-12

Top Returners:Maizee Storey Fr./F (18-10-28), Emma Keith Sr./D (12-6-18), Maddy Benson So./F (8-5-13), Katlyn Schueller Jr./F (6-7-13), Illamay Draheim Fr./G (11-11-0/ 2.77/ .922).

Season Outlook: The Blue Jays are returning a good amount of their cast from a year ago. They not only bring back their top scorers, but they also have their top freshman goalie Illamay Draheim coming back after a great 2022-23 season. 

Winona/Cotter Winhawks 

Coach: Rick Burns

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 10-14-0

Top Returners:Avery Engbrecht Sr./F (19-7-26), Kasja Kovala Jr./F (8-6-14), Jordyn Werner Sr./F (3-6-9), Briar Rouleau So./F (7-1-8), Asta Griggs Jr./D (3-5-8), Aliya Gricius Jr./G (10-14-0/ 3.52/ .910).

Season Outlook: The Winhawks will be returning a good majority of their top scorers including Avery Engbrecht who was the leader on the team. They also have their starting goalie Aliya Gricius back for her Junior season, she is coming off a season where she had well over a .900 save percentage. Gricius should be a goalie to watch this season, as she can steal some games for Winona/Cotter.

Section 2A

Hutchinson Tigers

Coach: Rustin Neuberger


Tournaments: 09,10,11,12,15,20

2022-23: 12-15-1

Top Returners: Addison Longie Jr./F (16-11-27), Jolynn Hauan Sr./F (13-10-23), Kohle Fitterer Sr./F (9-7-16), Audrey Hanson Sr./F (9-7-16), Elle Schweim So./F (5-9-14), Kaiden Fitterer So./G (12-15-1/ 3.42/ .859). 

Season Outlook: The Tigers will have a good returning cast of their 2022-23 roster, including their top scorer Addison Longie. Hutchinson had a great end to the season a year ago, propelling them to the section championship game. This season will be a much more mature roster, having five seniors compared to a year ago.

Litchfield/D-C Dragons

Coach: Matt Hogg

State Tournaments: 2014

2022-23: 11-12-3

Top Returners:Krista Tormanen Sr. (13-10-23), Camryn Iverson Sr. (11-9-20), Stella Hillmann Jr./D (6-8-14), Gabby Robertson Jr. (4-8-12), Abby Woelfel Sr. (2-8-10), Kira Kuechle Jr./G (7-9-3/ 2.46/ .900).

Season Outlook: The Dragons had a good end of the year last season, winning a playoff game. They are returning their leading scorer from 2022-23 Krista Tormanen, along with their netminder Kira Kuechle. 

Mankato West Scarlets

Coach: Jeff Zimmerman 

State Tournaments: 1999 (as Mankato East/West)

2022-23: 2-21-2

Top Returners:Marleigh Jordan Jr./F (7-19-26), Penny Gorman Fr./F (15-10-25), Maree Zimmerman 8th./F (6-7-13), Alayna Smith Jr./G (2-21-2/ 5.69/.878).

Season Outlook: The Scarlets are a very young team, with their leading scorer from last season Marleigh Jordan who is just a Junior this year. They head into the 2023-24 hockey season with just one senior in Tori Tosch, so Mankato West could be a team that will mature and improve this season.

Minnesota River Bulldogs 

Coach: Dustin Swenson

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 12-11-3

Top Returners:Makenna Andresen Fr./F (23-9-32), Macy Portner So./F (13-6-19), Makenna Mueller Sr./F (5-11-16), Callie Voeltz Sr./F (6-6-12), Annika Magelee So./G (12-11-3/ 2.45/.895).

Season Outlook: This year’s Bulldogs will return a lot of their key contributors from a year ago, and the best part, the team is still young. They will have only four seniors this season, and their scoring leader from a season ago, Makenna Andresen, is just a freshman heading into this season. 

River Lakes Stars 

Coach: Andrew Marod

State Tournaments: 21, 22

2022-23: 10-17-1

Top Returners: Sophia Hess Jr./F (23-16-39), Aubree McDonagh Sr. (11-10-21), Abby Storms So. (9-9-18), Ayla McLellan Jr. ( 8-5-13), Sophia Olson Fr. (3-7-10), Kaydence Roeske Jr./G (9-13-1/ 2.43/.940).

Season Outlook: The Stars look to have a much improved season with a young team maturing year by year. They bring back their top five scorers from a year ago, including leading scorer Sophia Hess. River Lakes will also have their star netminder Kaydence Roeske back for just her Junior year, after having a great 2022-23 season sporting a .940 save percentage.

Willmar Cardinals 

Coach: Eric Setrum 

State Tournaments: 02, 03, 20

2022-23: 14-12-1

Top Returners:Makenna Larson Sr./D (14-14-28), Chloe Lownsbury Sr./F (15-9-24), Gretchen Volk Jr./F (10-12-22), Avery Quinn Sr./D (4-14-18), Erin Eilers Jr./G (7-8-0/2.00/.930).

Season Outlook: The Cardinals are a mature team that has been playing with a similar roster for the past few seasons. They are bringing back their top nine scorers from last season, including Makenna Larson who entered her senior season this year. Willmar has their top goalie who had a save percentage that is amongst the states’ best in Erin Eilers. 

Section 3A

Fairmont Cardinals

Coach: Eric Householder

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 4-17-3

Top Returners:Isabella Larson Sr./F (11-4-15), Karissa Newville Sr./F (5-5-10), Abigail Sundeen Jr./F (3-5-8), Jozie Hoefker Sr./D (2-2-4), Brooklyn Murphy So./F (1-2-3), Ilana Moeller Jr./G (1-2-0/ 4.67/.861). 

Season Outlook: Fairmont is heading into the season with a very mature squad, having four seniors, two of whom were top three in scoring last year. Isabella Larson returns for her senior year after leading the team in points and goals in 2022-23.

Luverne Cardinals 

Coach: Tony Sandbulte 

State Tournaments: 16, 20, 21, 22, 23

2022-23: 21-8-0

Top Returners:Payton Behr Jr./F (17-32-49), Ellisyn Van Batavia 8th./F ( 10-23-33), Izzy Steensma Fr./F (16-15-31), Tenley Behr Fr./F (11-12-23), Greta McClure So./F (10-11-21), Emma Saarloos So./G (1-0-0/0.00/.000).

Season Outlook: Luverne is coming off its third straight state tournament trip and section title after finishing fourth in the state in 2022-23. Although the Cardinals lost their top scorer in Kameryn Van Batavia, they return the following four scoring leaders of the top five. Payton Behr heads into her junior year after having a 49-point 2022-23 campaign. 

Marshall Tigers 

Coach: Cassi Weiss 

State Tournaments: 07, 08, 18

2022-23: 12-12-3

Top Returners:Brooklyn Mauch Fr./F (18-7-25), Abbey Foley So./F (10-12-22), Lily Verkinderen Jr./F (7-10-17), Kendal Beernaert Jr./F (9-6-15), Lily Stelter Fr./G (0-0-0/0.00/1.000).

Season Outlook: The Tigers are a very young team who are coming off of a season where they competed hard and were in every game. Marshall’s 2022-23 leading scorer Brooklyn Mauch is still just a freshman this season. 

New Ulm Eagles

Coach: Jeremy Reed

State Tournaments: 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18.

2022-23: 17-9-1

Top Returners:Michelle Smith Sr./F (20-7-27), Afton Hulke Sr./D (13-13-26), Malorie Anderson Sr./F (7-8-15), Tristyn Wolner So./F (10-1-11), Ava Brennan Jr./G (17-9-1/ 1.49/.937).

Season Outlook: The Eagles return their star goalie Ava Brennan who posted a GAA, and save percentage that were near the tops of the state with a 1.49 GAA and .937 save percentage. They also have their top two scorers from 2022-23 with Michelle Smith and Afton Hulke. 

Windom Area Eagles

Coach: Matt Dockter

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 10-14-2

Top Returners:Marissa Becker Sr./F (14-6-20), Ella Dockter Jr./D (9-10-19), Madyson Fredin Sr./F (7-5-12), Marenna Bang Sr./F (6-4-10), Fiona Robillard So./G (9-12-2/ 3.50/.877).

Season Outlook: Windom Area lost their 2022-23 leading scorer with Presley Dockter, but retained its following five leading scorers, including Marissa Becker. The Eagles were a young team in 2022-23, but this season they will have a good amount of juniors and seniors, so the maturity and veteran presence will be improved. 

Worthington Trojans

Coach: Chad Nickel

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 3-19-1

Top Returners:Marin Pederson Sr./F (7-7-14), Addison Joens So./F (2-1-3), Peyton Nickel Jr./D (2-1-3), Jenna Dykstra Sr./G (1-4-0/9.35/.764).

Season Outlook: The Trojans enter the 2023-24 hockey season being a very young team, but they have their second leading scorer back with Marin Pederson. Worthington is going to be a young team, but they still have a good core of players who have experience playing with each other, and who have had success on the ice. 

Section 4A

Blake Bears

Coach: Kristi King

State Tournaments: 96, 01, 03(champs), 15, 16(champs), 09(champs), 13(champs), 14(champs), 15, 16(champs), 17(champs).

2022-23: 15-12-0

Top Returners:Callie Arthur Fr./D (5-13-18), Addie Wethington Fr./D (1-8-9), Payton Smith Sr./D (1-4-5), Malika Chebaclo Jr./F (2-2-4), Janie McGawn So./G (11-3-0/1.66/.939

Season Outlook: Janie McGawn returns as just a Sophomore, a year after putting up great numbers on the net. She sported a 1.66 GAA and a .939 save percentage. The Bears also will have Callie Arthur who was top five in team scorers last season. 

Chisago Lakes Wildcats

Coach: Hannah Vitelli

State Tournaments: 04, 10, 12, 21.

2022-23: 15-11-1

Top Returners:Ella Perreault So./F (23-12-35), Brooke Kiemz Sr./F/D (16-14-30), Nora DeVries Jr./F/D (9-17-26), Alyson Vogelsang Sr./F (12-12-24), Lauren Schmidt Jr./F (9-13-22), Breanna Ritter Sr./G (12-11-1/ 3.06/.888).

Season Outlook: The Wildcats are a young team heading into the 2023-24 hockey season. Ella Perreault was the leading scorer in 2022-23, and she comes into this season as just a sophomore, so a bright future is ahead for Perreault. 

Holy Angels Stars

Coach: Ryan LaMere 

State Tournaments: 05(champs), 06.

2022-23: 20-6-1

Top Returners:Bella LaMere Sr./F (22-21-43), Audrey Garton Sr./F (18-17-35), Taylor Lesnar Jr./F (16-12-28), Emilie Anderson Sr./F (7-18-25), Eva Bentley Sr./G (11-5-1/ 1.75/.926).

Season Outlook: The Stars are coming off a great 2022-23 hockey season, making it all the way to the section championship game. Holy Angels is also bringing back a good majority of their roster from last year, including top scorer Belle LaMere and leading goalie Eva Bentley. 

Minneapolis Novas

Coach: Claire Goldsmith

State Tournaments: N/A 

2022-23: 12-14-1

Top Returners:Caitlin DeYoung Sr./F (1-11-12), Eloise McKinney Sr./F (6-4-10), Brielle Anderson Sr./F (2-4-6), Josie vanmoorlehem-Flaig Jr./F (2-3-5), Alie Fider Sr./G (9-12-1/ 3.93/.881).

Season Outlook: Although the Novas’ lost their top four scoring leaders from graduation they still have a good veteran presence with their top three returning scorers are seniors. Minneapolis also brings back its three goalies who played a season ago, with Ali Fider, Maizy Ness, Tess Bieringer.

South St. Paul Packers

Coach: Dave Palmquist

State Tournaments: 95, 99, 01, 02(champs), 03(champs), 04, 05(champs), 06(champs), 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 20, 22, 23.

2022-23: 23-6-1 

Top Returners:Lily Pachl Jr./D (24-31-55), Bailey Vesper Jr/F (22-31-53), Alida Ahern Jr./F (8-13-21), Eva Beck Sr./F (11-10-21), Molly Jeffrey Sr./G (4-0-0/0.69/.935).

Season Outlook: The Packers are coming off a second consecutive section championship, advancing to the X. They bring back their top two scorers with Lily Pachl, and Bailey Vesper. South St. Paul will have a new starting goalie with Molly Jeffrey who went four and oh and allowed under a goal in each game last season. 

Visitation United

Coach: Ellie Tabaka

State Tournaments: 14, 16, 17, 18, 19.

2022-23: 7-17-1

Top Returners:Gracia Munoz Jr./F (29-12-41), Abigail Hemauer So./F (13-11-24), Bella Stinsa So./F (11-7-18), Kate Killian Sr./F (4-6-10), Cadence Cooper Jr./G (7-17-1/ 6.04/.819).

Season Outlook: Visitation will be a very young squad this season, but they were also a young team last season, losing just two players to graduation. Their top scorer Gracia Munoz will be back for her Junior season after putting up over 40 points in 2022-23. 

Section 5A

Breck Mustangs 

Coach: Tricia Luoma 

State Tournaments: 07, 08, 10, 11, 12 (champs), 18 (champs), 19 (champs), 20 (champs).

2022-23: 9-15-0

Top Returners:Maggie Wallander So./F (12-6-18), Kenzie Berman Jr./F (7-10-17), Lauren Strothman Sr./F (6-9-15), Taylor Brennan Jr./F (8-5-13), Katie Zakrajsheck Fr./F (5-7-12), MacKenzie Abbott Sr./G (4-1-0/4.16/.771).

Season Outlook: The Mustangs will have a full returning offensive cast, bringing back their top five scorers, Maggie Wallander, Kenzie Bergman, Lauren Strothman, Taylor Berman, and Katie Zakrajsheck. Breck will have a new netminder between the pipes with MacKenzie Abbott. Abbott did get some action last season so she has experience. 

Katy Comstock, Warroad.

Delano/Rockford Tigers

Coach: Lance Reynolds 

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 12-13-1

Top Returners:Kayleigh Olson Jr./F (12-12-24), Emma Treptau Sr./F (7-7-14), Kaelyn Wittwer So./F (10-3-13), Alaina Pettit So./F (5-2-7), Natalie Holmer So./F (2-4-6), Kayla Simonson Sr./G (12-13-1/ 2.02/.941). 

Season Outlook: The Tigers will have a similar team as they did last year, they have four of the top five scorers from the 2022-23 season. They also have a big piece coming back with their starting goalie Kayla Simonson who posted a great .941 save percentage in 2022-23. 

Mound Westonka/SW Christian White Hawks

Coach: Nick Zilka 

State Tournaments: 13, 17, 19, 21.

2022-23: 18-9-0

Top Returners:Camryn Hargreaves Sr./F (15-24-39), Greer Hardacre Sr./F (15-13-28), Lizzy Callahan So./F (9-14-23), Gisella Harder Jr./F (8-12-20), Ali Butler So./D (1-7-8), Ashlyn Roth Sr./G (17-9-0/1.73/.913)

Season Outlook: The White Hawks are coming off a good season, advancing to the semifinals in the section tournament. They will need to have some more players step up and fill some shoes of top scorers from last season, but they have Camryn Hargreaves who is entering her Senior season. They will have their goalie back who was rock solid, sporting a 1.73 GAA. 

Orono Spartans 

Coach: Paul Antonenko 

State Tournaments: 22, 23.

2022-23: 22-4-4

Top Returners:Zoe Lopez Jr./F (38-13-51), Maddy Kimbrel So./F (21-26-47), Macy Rasmussen Jr./F (18-21-39), Grace Bickett Sr./D (5-34-39), Kali Schmidt Jr./F (15-21-36), Maddison Forsyth Jr./G (1-0-0/0.00/1.000).

Season Outlook: The Spartans were a win away from raising their programs first title after a championship game loss. Orono has had a very similar roster to their last two tournament appearances, they will retain all five of their leading five scorers, including Zoe Lopez who scored 38 goals from a year ago. The one big change to their roster this year is starting netminder Celia Dahl who was amongst the state best in 2022-23. The Spartans will head into 2023-24 with Maddison Forsyth who saw some action in 2022-23.

Pine City Area Dragons 

Coach: Bill Aagaard 

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 10-16-0

Top Returners:Rhiannon Ashworth Jr./F (18-11-29), Jennae Szucs Jr./F (8-10-18), Abby Aagaard Sr./F (12-6-18), Arissa Rydberg Sr./F (3-11-14), Lexa Valvoda Sr./F (10-4-14), Sophia Olson Sr./G (8-15-0/3.25/.870).

Season Outlook:  The Dragons head into 2023-24 with a much more mature roster after being a younger team. They are retaining all of their roster from last year, so this team has played with each other for a long time. Pine City Area will have their top scorer in Rhiannon Ashworth, and they will have two goalies who both got playing experience from last year. 

Princeton Tigers

Coach: Gage Chaffee

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 1-23-1

Top Returners:Naiya Hanson So./F (2-3-5), Jenna Frederick So./D (1-2-3), Addison Chaffee Jr./F (1-2-3), Katelyn Chaffee Jr./F (3-0-3), Madelyn Knaack Jr./F (2-1-3), Gretchen Van Dover Jr./G (0-2-0/6.50/.859). 

Season Outlook: The Tigers are still a young team but they have a much more mature group than in 2022-23. They have almost the same squad as last year, including leading scorer Naiya Hanson, but will have a new full time netminder with Gretchen Van Dover. Van Dover was in the crease a couple of games last season but this year her workload will have a definite increase. 

Section 6A

Breckenridge/Wahpeton Storm

Coach: Mykenzie Broadland 

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 8-10-1

Top Returners:Holly Ovsak Fr./F (10-6-16), Anabel Pausch Sr./F (6-10-16), Ashlyn Wohlers So./F (2-8-10), Britta Pausch So./D (1-8-9), Karsyn Neppl Jr./D (4-5-9), Kolle Schuler Jr./G (8-8-1/ 4.08/.833).

Season Outlook: The Storm head into the 2024 hockey season without their top three scoring leaders from last year, so they will need young underclassmen and new seniors to step in and fill their shoes. They do retain Holly Ovsak who was fourth on the team last year in points. 

Fergus Falls Otters 

Coach: Tim Lill

State Tournaments: 09, 19, 23.

2022-23: 23-6-1

Top Returners:Hannah Johnson So./F (16-18-34), Maddie Brimhall Fr./F (14-12-26), Averie Tonneson Fr./F (8-8-16), Maggie Greenagel Fr./D (2-12-14), Lydia Johnson Fr./F (6-7-13), Ana Jyrkas Sr./G (11-4-0/1.36/.932).

Season Outlook: The Otters are coming off a great 2022-23 season, a year that saw them going to their third state tournament appearance. They will have some holes to fill in their scoring and in the net, with their top two scorers graduating and half of the Otters great goalie tandem transfering in Lexi Metcalf. The other half of the goalie duo that was so special a season ago was Ana Jyrkas, who put up record setting numbers with a save percentage of 0.932. The Otters have some shoes to fill, but they still have a good group of girls who can keep the momentum rolling that they had a season ago. 

Morris/Benson Area Storm

Coach: Coleton Anderson

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 8-14-1

Top Returners:Karlie Burns Sr. (42-12-54), Charli Erdahl Jr. (4-14-18), Molly Jones Jr. (3-6-9), Phoebe Overlie Jr. (4-3-7), Aubree Ramirez Fr. (2-4-6), Ava Breuer So./G (7-14-1/ 6.99/.818).

Season Outlook: The Storm retain their top scorer and one of the states top goal scorers in Karlie Burns. Burns’ 42 goals was a key piece to the Morris/Benson Area’s offense and presumably will be this year too. The Storm are still a young team, but they can retain most of the roster from last year, losing two skaters. They will also have experience in net with both goalies who played in 2022-23 are back in the crease.

Northern Lakes Lightning 

Coach: Bryan Boreen 

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 9-16-0

Top Returners:Ava Merta Jr. (8-18-26), Jenna Stoerzinger Jr. (1-18-19), Kiana Landt Sr./F (9-9-18), Corah Meschke Jr. (4-13-17), Jarret Tietz Jr. (6-9-15), Rebekah Deemer So./G (6-14-0/3.44/.873)

Season Outlook: The Lightning do lose two of their top five scorers from last season, but they still have three of five with Ava Merta, Jenna Stoerzinger, and Kiana Landt. They also bring experience between the pipes with Rebekah Deemer and Sarah Marhoney who both got into game action last season. 

Prairie Centre Blue Devils

Coach: Danelle Breitenfeldt 

State Tournaments: N/A 

2022-23: 6-15-1

Top Returners:Natasha Ludwig Jr./F (18-7-25), Kyra Swanson Sr./F (9-3-12), Dalelyn Diedrich So./D (1-5-6), Katelyn Jones So./F/D (1-4-5), Maddie Koltes Sr./F (1-3-4), Kennedy Lemke Sr./G (6-14-1/ 4.81/ .908).

Season Outlook: The Blue Devils loom into the 2024 hockey season with their top two scores coming back, with Natasha Ludwig and Kyra Swanson. Having some more experience and maturity should help with the development of the underclassmen. They also bring back both of their goalies, Kennedy Lemke and Kyra Swanson. Lemke comes off a season where she faced a lot of shots but still maintained over a .900 save percentage. 

Section 7A

Cloquet-Esko-Carlton Lumberjacks

Coach: Kennedy Houge 

State Tournaments: 02, 03, 05, 06, 09, 20.

2022-23: 9-13-5

Top Returners:Reese Kuklinski Jr./F/D (10-5-15), Gwen Lilly Sr./F/D (5-8-13), Erin Loeb Sr./F (7-3-10), Brayley Merrier Fr./F (6-3-9), Emma Parks Jr./D (4-5-9). 

Season Outlook: The Lumberjacks have their 2022-23 top five leading scorers back from a year ago, including Reese Kuklinski who was the team lead in goals and points. This squad brings experience and a good veteran presence. 

Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers 

Coach: Callie Hoff

State Tournaments: 2010

2022-23: 20-7-1

Top Returners:Ilsa Lindaman Sr./F (46-30-76), Nina Thorson Jr./F (29-25-54), Sarah Stauber So./D (5-22-27), Avery Lian Jr./D (3-19-22), Hailey Cummins Sr./F (7-13-20), Ray Anderson Jr./G (19-6-1/ 1.63/.929). 

Season Outlook: Hilltoppers’ top netminder returns for her junior season after an incredible season, sporting a goals-against average of 1.63 and a save percentage well over .900. They also bring back their two top scorers from a season ago with Ilsa Lindaman and Nina Thorson, so the experience is there for the 2023-24 Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers.

Hibbing/Chisholm Bluejackets

Coach: Pete Hyduke 

State Tournaments: 97 (champs), 98, 00, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 13, 15, 17. 

2022-23: 7-19-0

Top Returners:Aune Boben Sr./F (16-8-24), Panella Rewertz Jr./F (2-1-13), Kendal Gustavsson Jr./F (4-8-12), Trista Warmbold Sr./F (3-5-8), Brynn Babich So./F (0-3-3), Addison Hess Sr./G (4-10-0/3.93/.885).

Season Outlook: The Bluejackets are looking like a much more mature team after being very young the last couple of seasons. They not only have their top scorer returning in Aune Bobem but they have all three goalies who got time between the pipes back from last year with Addison Hess, Grace McDowell, and Brycelynn Heber. 

Moose Lake Area Rebels

Coach: Reilly Fawcett

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 13-11-2

Top Returners:Sandra Ribich Jr./F (12-19-31), Megan Hattenberger Sr./F (9-16-25), Hallie Klavu Jr./D (14-7-21), Gracie Hartl Sr./F (11-10-21), Mallory Hartl Jr./G (13-11-24).

Season Outlook: The Rebels are coming off a good season, ending it in the semifinal round of the section tournament, winning a playoff game. They bring back their entire roster as well, so some more chemistry from last season and becoming a more mature and veteran team should help them in 2023-24. 

North Shore Storm

Coach: Zachary Vieau

State Tournaments: N/A

2022-23: 7-16-2

Top Returners:Reese Costley Fr./F (6-14-20), Kinsey Komarek Sr./F (5-11-16), Berkley Hoff Fr./F (6-9-15), Katie Carpenter Sr./F (7-8-15), Hayden Bright Fr./F (5-7-12), Harper Powell Sr./G (6-16-1/ 2.79/.900).

Season Outlook: Reese Costley comes back as just a freshman, she led the team in scoring last season as an eighth grader. The Storm do bring back Costley, and three others as they have four of the five top scores from last year. North Shore also brings back their starting goalie Harper Powell, who sported a save percentage over .900 and a GAA under three. 

Mercury Bischoff is one of the top scorers in the state for Grand Rapids/Greenway. PHOTO BY BREAKDOWN SPORTS MEDIA

Proctor/Hermantown Mirage 

Coach: Emma Stauber

State Tournaments: 10, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21 (champs), 22, 23. 

2022-23: 20-8-2

Top Returners:Hannah Graves Sr./F (14-21-35), Izy Fairchild Sr./F (17-10-27), Jane Eckstrom Jr./F (9-13-22), Hailey Jussila Sr./F (6-16-22), Anika Burke Sr./F (6-10-16), Suri Langley So./G (10-4-1/ 1.71/.918).

Season Outlook: The Mirage finished in fourth place in the Class A State Tournament in 2022, which was their third straight appearance and section champions. Proctor/Hermantown is now two to three seasons removed from hoisting the state championship title. They return their top scorer from 2022-23 Hannah Graves, along with the great goalie tandem with Suri Langley and Neelah McLeod.

Rock Ridge Wolverines 

Coach: Earl Fitzgerald 

State Tournaments: 09, 11.

2022-23: 13-12-0

Top Returners:Natalie Bergman So./F (30-15-45), Mayme Scott Fr./D/F (12-24-36), Ayla Troutwine So./F (14-14-28), Gabrielle Hutar Jr./F (3-5-7),  Hailey Huismann So./F (2-5-7), Nola Kwiatkowski Jr./G (12-12-0/3.38/.897).

Season Outlook: The Wolverines bring back all of their top five scorers from last season, along with their starting goalie. This young Rock Ridge team will be more experienced in 2023-24, all offensively, defensively, and in net, so the maturity with hockey should follow as well.  

Section 8A 

Crookston Pirates

Coach: Emily Meyer

State Tournaments: 2007

2022-23: 17-7-2

Top Returners:Reese Swanson Sr./F/D (21-16-37), Taylor Field So./F (14-20-34), Addison Fee Jr./F/D (11-20-34), Cassie Solheim Sr./F/D (11-20-31), Brekken Tull Sr./F (15-14-29), Kambelle Freije Jr./G (10-6-2/ 2.59/.911)

Season Outlook: Crookston had a great season in 2022-23 winning 17 games, and they will have a similar cast of players to last year’s roster. They regain their top five scorers, starting with Reese Swanson, they also return their starting goalie Kambelle Freiji, who played the majority of last season. 

Detroit Lakes Lakers

Coach: G. Scott Piepkorn 

State Tournaments: 2012

2022-23: 3-22-0

Top Returners:Haley Stattelman Sr./D (7-5-12), Kaydence Thorsteinson Jr./F (6-5-11), Hannah Larson Sr./F (4-5-9), Jaelynn Jensen Sr./D (1-3-4), Brynn Erickson So./D (1-3-4), Talyn Anderson Fr./G (3-21-0/7.31/.849).

Season Outlook: The Lakers are a much more mature and experienced team than in 2022-23 with all of their top five scorers returning. Haley Stattelman, the Lakers’ top goal and point scorer, heads into her senior season in 2023-24.

East Grand Forks Green Wave 

Coach: Alex Robertson

State Tournaments: 2014

2022-23: 10-16-0

Top Returners:Blake Schultz So./F (30-24-54), Maggy Plante Sr./F (12-21-33), Madison Stocker Sr./F (12-21-33), Laura Pesch Jr./F (5-2-7), Megan Bergh So./D (2–4-6), Britlyn Rasmusssen Jr./G (10-16-0/4.97/.859).

Season Outlook: The Green Wave retains their top scorer in Blake Schultz, who had a great season scoring over 50 points. They are still a younger team, having only one senior but they have a plethora of players who have hockey experience from last year. 

Thief River Falls Prowlers 

Coach: Brett Johnson

State Tournaments: 2015 (Champs)

2022-23: 7-20-0

Top Returners:Kali Knutson Jr./F (18-12-30), Lila Dalager Fr./F (10-11-21), Julia Rude Sr./F (8-4-12), Alexis Sawatzke Fr./F (8-4-12), Kora Sorter Sr./F (2-6-8), McKenna Carr Fr./G (1-2-0/4.67/.837).

Season Outlook: The Prowlers are a young team, but they still have a good mix of seniors in their lineup. They also have their 2022-23 leading scorer Kali Knutson coming back for her Junior season. TRF has some young and hard-working pieces on this 2023-24 hockey team. 

Warroad Warriors 

Coach: David Marvin 

State Tournaments: 06, 09, 10 (Champs), 11 (Champs), 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 (Champs), 23 (Champs). 

2022-23: 26-3-1

Top Returners:Kaiya Sandy Jr./F (15-12-27), Katy Comstock Jr./D (4-19-23), Madilyn Skogman Sr./F (8-11-19). 

Season Outlook:  The Warroad Warriors are coming off their second straight state champion title, and they’ve been to the state tournament for the past eight seasons. The Warriors will have to almost start over, as they lost all five 2022-23 top scorers and their starting goalie. Their team isn’t super young but they also only have three seniors on the roster. Kaiya Sandy will be the elder point lead from last season, and in net Jordyn Werk will get a significantly increased workload between the pipes, Werk did get multiple games in last season, posting an impressive 1.79 GAA in just seven games.