A new beginning for women’s professional hockey

A single professional women’s hockey league could finally be on the horizon in North America. After years of division between two leagues, it looks as if one league will soon be a reality.  The Professional Hockey Federation (PHF) and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association (PWHPA) announced a merger Friday, June 30. The intent is […]

Six keys to improve skating speed & efficiency

Efficient high-end speed is highly trainable. Every year, some players dominate in the regular season, but not in the playoffs when the pace is faster. The difference is efficient high-end speed, and it’s highly trainable. 1. Longer skating strides = wider strides. At high speeds, you cannot lengthen your stride straight backward because your feet would […]

Skillful hockey is much more than skill practice

We’d be foolish to think that ADM advice about practices dedicated to skills is THE ANSWER to developing skillful hockey. It’s only a small part of the project. If we want the next generation of young hockey players to play a more skillful, safer game, adults (coaches, parents, and referees) will have to make major […]

The movement that distinguishes skating from sprinting

Hip abduction-rotation-extension (A-R-E) Using the largest muscles in the body (gluteal muscles of the hips), the power for every skating stride (except cornering) begins with hip abduction-rotation-extension (A-R-E).  In simpler terms, this means thrusting to the side while rotating toward the next stride, and finally extending almost straight back as you move past the ice. […]

Gretzky and Einstein

Creative geniuses who thought outside the box Unlike college and professional football, offensive creativity in hockey comes mainly from players, and each year it is increasingly “coached” out of the game. Avoiding mistakes has become the highest priority, even at the youth level where the need to win eliminates creative trial-and-error. Not only do coaches […]

Hockey athleticism

Training should be integrated, rather than isolated Words cannot define “hockey athleticism” as well as a picture of great athletes in competition. The ability to move your body quickly on the ice requires sprinting, jumping and skating-specific strength exercises integrated into each workout. With no apologies to the on-again, off-again basketball superstars of today, I’d […]

If I had to do it over, I’d find more praise

Building confidence is the single most important task for a hockey coach. When you’re teaching a high school math class, it’s not always easy to find ways to praise the struggling students – I mean the ones who truly struggle: working hard and finding it difficult to experience success. Not easy? Why should “easy” be […]