PWHL logo represents its athletes, six original teams, and a new beginning for women’s hockey

TORONTO, ON (October 24, 2023) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has revealed the league’s official logo ahead of its inaugural season. The unique mark projects a bold simplicity that undeniably represents the sport and its athletes, with a stylized ‘W’ to highlight women, and crossed hockey sticks and a puck that nestle perfectly within the middle of the letterform.


“We love the prominence of the ‘W’ used in a clean and strong design that celebrates PWHL trailblazers and their legacy across women’s sports,” said Stan Kasten, PWHL Advisory Board member. “When people see the logo, they will recognize how it represents women and immediately know it’s about hockey. The ‘W’ symbol speaks for itself but offers versatility to fit nicely when used inside our PWHL lettering.”



Key Design Elements:

  • The logo’s primary color is purple, a color that signifies power and is often associated with ambition, both symbolic of PWHL players and the league’s formation. The color is a continuation of the purple carpet entrance used at the inaugural and foundational PWHL Draft.
  • The ‘W’ was chosen as the focal point of the design to emphasize the league’s athletes.
  • The crossed hockey sticks in the central apex of the ‘W’ provides the visual of a face-off. This element was chosen to illustrate a new beginning in women’s hockey, in the same way a face-off takes place at the beginning of every game.
  • The logo is made up of six distinct pieces, a numeric portrayal of the six players on the ice for each team and emblematic of the league’s first six teams.
  • The logo is adaptable to form a secondary design that uses the stylized ‘W’ within PWHL text.

The PWHL logo reveal was teased in social media posts by players from all six teams including Boston’s Hilary Knight, Minnesota’s Kendall Coyne Schofield, Montreal’s Laura Stacey, New York’s Abby Roque, Ottawa’s Brianne Jenner, and Toronto’s Blayre Turnbull.


The branding was created by Younts Design Inc., a creative studio that assists a wide range of clients in providing unforgettable design that reinforces brands across print, web, and environmental graphics. Based in Baltimore, MD, YDI has worked with sports organizations that include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies.


Fans can stay connected to the PWHL, register for email updates, and secure their spot in line for buying tickets by placing a deposit at


Follow the new league on all social media platforms @thepwhlofficial plus all six team accounts @pwhl_boston, @pwhl_minnesota, @pwhl_montreal,  @pwhl_newyork, @pwhl_ottawa, and @pwhl_toronto.